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Heirloom quilting involves the same detailed work in outlining piecing, borders and applique but just goes that little bit further. Original motifs and designs will be used. Typically, a higher loft batting is used so important quilting details will show. This is the type of quilting that will usually be seen on whole-cloth quilts or even baby quilts wanting to be used more for photo's and passed down through generations. Because of time involved and cost, this is rarely done for customers. Usually, a little piece of myself goes into this work.

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Princess Dreams
{when I grow up I wanna be a Queen (size) }
custom designed and machine quilted miniature wholecloth by
© Shawn Bailey

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Princess Dreams
Close up of inner
corner, 1/4” crosshatch, 1/2” beads and scallops

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Princess Dreams
Close up of
mini pansies and
feather burst border

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Custom designed ‘pot of pansies’ motif

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Custom designed hummingbird motif

I am a free-style hand guided machine quilter, limited only by my imagination not purchased designs! I welcome the design and thread colour ideas you bring with your top.