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Custom quilting means that more care is taken with individual blocks or areas. After the quilt is loaded and stabilized on the frame all areas that are to be defined will be "stitched in the ditch," borders will be outlined, any appliqué will be outlined and so on. This style of quilting can really bring out the character of the quilt or even apply a mood to the quilt. Custom quilting can be quite time consuming but very rewarding to both the quilts owner and me.

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Round the Bend
Custom pattern and quilt design by
© Shawn Bailey 2012

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Close up
Round the Bend

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Custom inner border with recessed hearts and rope overlay

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Custom outer border

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Making and using a freezer paper template

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Slowly stitching around the entire template

I am a free-style hand guided machine quilter, limited only by my imagination not purchased designs! I welcome the design and thread colour ideas you bring with your top.