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We will expertly service or repair your sewing machine or serger. Local pick-up and delivery is available if you are unable to deliver your machine to us. Fast and dependable, Cam will keep your machine in tip-top running condition for all your sewing projects.

Regular service - $75.00

When a machine comes in for a regular service. I evaluate the machine and note what issues you may be having with the machine. I do an initial test sew to check stitching and to hear how the machine sounds.

The next step is to completely strip the machine down. This means to take all the covers off, remove the needle plate, bobbin case, etc until I can get at all the insides of the machine. I use a compressor to blow out any lint or debris from the machine and then use cotton swabs, tweezers, and rags to remove any other contaminants inside.

Once the machine is thoroughly cleaned out, I check for any hidden thread snarls or other issues, check the feed dog timing, feed dog height, hook timing, hook to needle clearance, belt condition and tension and make any adjustments necessary to ensure good sewing.

Then I will clean out the tension assembly, lubricate all required areas, clean all the housings inside and out, and re-assemble the machine. When the machine has been completely assembled, I test sew most stitches but always do straight and ZZ stitches to check stitch quality and tensions. I also look to see if the bulb is getting ready to quit.

This entire process takes about three hours from start to finish. If any repairs are needed, they won’t be done without your approval. I discuss with you if I think the machine may be beyond economical repair as well, and the reasons I think so.

This is my standard service done on every machine that comes in. Below is what a machine looks like when I finish taking it apart.
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