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Needle Problems

Bent or dull needles can affect your stitch quality tremendously. If the needle is bent even slightly the machine will skip stitches or not sew at all. This is because the hook cannot get close enough to the needle to grab the top thread.

Dull needles will poke larger holes in your fabric allowing the bottom thread to show through. Even though the stitches are forming properly they don’t look very nice. Many times you will actually hear the needle forcing its way through the fabric.

Always keep a supply of different sizes on hand and change them out as needed. Remember, when it is recommended to use a 'denim' or 'metallic' needle they are nothing more than a Topstitch needle! Don't waste your money buying denim, metallic and topstitch needles - keep assorted sizes of topstitch needles on hand and you're good to go. In fact, when Cam services sewing machines they always get a brand new Superior brand Titanium Topstitch needle.

Even if you are not sure that is the issue, change the needle and see if that fixes your stitch problem. Even if it doesn’t, it has eliminated the possibility.

It's important to use the right size of needle for the thread you are using. The lower the number the smaller the needle and the smaller the 'eye' of the needle. Too small a needle means the thread is not being protected in the groove and it rubs too much in the smaller eye and you get thread shredding. Here's a great article by
Superior Threads that explains this and much more.
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