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Your top will be treated with care and respect in my home. My home is smoke free and the studio is cleaned after every quilt is finished to ensure your top will stay as clean as I receive it.

Typically, I stabilize the top by basting it down around the outside edge so you may find any colour at all being used! I do a test swatch to check tension and you may find that along one edge as well.

I do not trim the quilts so all quilts are returned with batting and backing attached.

Custom and Heirloom quilting require the top to be marked for spacing or motifs. I usually use chalk and I do my best to remove these markings but quilts must be kept away from heat and gently washed after binding to remove any markings that remain. I send along an information sheet when the quilt is returned.
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customer quilt loaded and first row of custom motifs done

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customer quilt ‘floated’ on the frame with high-loft batting
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customer quilt finished and hanging on the ‘ready-for-pickup’ wall