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I made my very first quilt in grade 12 textiles class. I still have that quilt and more than likely my great-great grandkids will too! I made it from Fortrell - a man-made fabric that as far as I know is no longer available to the consumer because it just never wore out. They used to make clothing from this fabric as well - my Mother had a number of pairs of pants made from Fortrell and even 10 years later they looked like new. I was about 16 when I made this so, don't look to closely at the quilt OK?

It was many years before I started quilting again and I soon discovered that what I really loved doing was the actual quilting of the pieced tops. Before long I invested in my mid-arm machine and I haven't looked back since. I have quilted professionally for 10 years and continue to expand my knowledge by training with educators such
Sharon Schambers, Claudia Pfeil and Kimmy Brunner.
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I have been involved with repairing sewing machine for over 6 years now. Shawn’s serger had broken down and with the ferry costs to take the machine to Courtenay and fetch it back, along with the cost of repair, we thought there was a need for sewing machine repair here in Powell River.

I have always liked repairing things so I went down to the States and took a course in how to repair these machines. I have found it to be extremely interesting and very challenging in many cases.
I work as a Paramedic in Powell River and use the same diagnostic techniques to find and fix machine problems. It is very satisfying to take a machine that is not working and have it run smooth and happy again. The best “first aid” you can do for a machine is to avoid having serious breakdowns happening and a regular service schedule for your machine will go a long way to accomplishing this.

Cam and I decided to join my love of quilting with his enjoyment of working on sewing machines and now offer Professional Quilting, Sewing Machine Service and Repair and even classes on quilting and machine maintenance.

We live in beautiful Powell River on the coast of British Columbia. When not quilting or working on sewing machines you can find us on our deck looking out over the Salish Sea to Vancouver Island.